About A2Z Languages

A2Z Languages was founded on the firm belief that the most effective way for anyone to learn another language is through an “intensive” study abroad program in another country. As such, it is our commitment to offer prospective students, quality immersion programs with some of the finest language schools located throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia, and North America.

What is the role of A2Z Languages?

A2Z Languages is an intermediary between prospective language students like yourself, and the schools we work with. Our services are designed to ensure that your study abroad program will be enjoyable, productive, and stress free!

A2Z Languages is here to answer all your questions about the various schools, types of programs and accommodations offered, country information, plus much more.

Once you choose one of our programs we also handle all registration and payment details. In sum, using A2Z Languages will take out the stress and uncertainty normally associated with trying to find a good language program.

Why should you register through A2Z Languages instead of directly with a school?

Using our services helps to ensure that not only do you find a school in a country that you are interested in studying in, but that the school itself is one of the best language institutions in the country.

The second reason why people use our services is due to the fact that we provide our students with the information they need to properly prepare for an immersion program. Proper advance preparation is vital to ensure that you have a good study abroad experience. Our language advisors are always ready to handle any question or special requests that you may have.

Students Per Year

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Key Staff

Mark A. 

Founder of A2Z Languages. Born in  Arizona. After receiving an M.B.A he was going to work for a multinational in South America. To prepare Mark spent 4 months learning Spanish in Costa Rica. That experience changed the course of his life and lead to the creation of A2Z Languages. 19 yrs later he has traveled to more than 35 countries in the course of growing the company.

Judy B. 

Co-founder of A2Z Languages. Originally from Mexico. She has always had a passion for languages and traveling. After spending a number of years working for AMEX overseeing accounting for South America she helped start A2Z Languages. Judy has been instrumental in creating many of our most popular programs.

Khrystina S. 

Marketing Director. Born in Ukraine.  Since moving to the USA in 2005 Khrystina has been responsible for marketing our programs to high schools, universities, and government agencies. She spends quite a bit of time visiting our partners around the world.

Bill S. 

Website design, layout, social media. Years of experience working with various firms helping them create a compelling online presence. In 2007 Bill wanted a change and we were lucky enough to have a position available. As with everyone in A2Z Languages Bill loves travel and languages.

Rabinandan G. 

From Bangalore, India. Rabinandan has worked with A2Z Languages since 2004. His main responsibilities revolve around creating and maintaining our database infrastructure that allows us to effectively track leads, customers, our partners, etc.


Office hound. Keeps everyone entertained around the office. Hobbies include sleeping, eating, barking, swimming and car rides.