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Our German language school is located in a modern building within close proximity to the city center of Vienna. The school is within close walking to Belvedere Palace. There are many popular museums in the area as well as restaurants, cafes, and bars. The school features well lit classrooms, a multimedia library with computer lab, and Free WIFI throughout. A student lounge provides a space for students to relax and enjoy drinks and snacks outside of class. Once you are out of class public transportation is within close access to take you all over Vienna to see the sites and practice your German.

Our school offers the full German Immersion experience by living with a local host family. In addition we have our own Student Residence with apartment style accommodations as well as shared apartments for those that want to live with other students. Meal plans are available for the host family and residence options. The different student housing options are within close proximity to the school by public transportation. There are different options to meet the needs of any student, however you are also welcome to book your own hotel or apartment and we can arrange your classes.

During the afternoon, evenings, and weekends, our school offers an extensive activity program. This will allow you to not only see the popular sites of Viennaand abroad, but also learn about local culture and put your German language skills to the test in everyday scenarios. Guided walking tours provide local insight on the city, while dance classes, cultural discussions, and school parties allow students to get to know each other outside the classroom setting and speak in German amongst themselves. The majority of students come on their own and can be quite busy when taking advantage of the school activities. Adventures outside the city await you on the weekend, so that you can explore Austria as well as neighboring countries.

Our German Language school has been offering full immersion courses to students for over 25 years. A wide range of group and private courses, as well as a combination of the two are available. You can also take part in specialized programs including music and field specific terminology. Courses will be taught completely in German and we are confident that you will find the combination of courses, activities, and housing options offered by our school will provide a great total package in best advancing your German language proficiency.

French Course Options

Standard Group 4 Lessons per day

The Standard Group course will includes 4 lessons of language instruction each day with each less lasting 45 minutes per day. There are no more than 12 students in a class. The main focus is on conversational German integrating formal instruction with Grammar, Vocabulary, and Structure followed by use in practical scenarios. An additional lesson is provided each day discussing cultural topics offering added practical conversation.

Intensive Group 6 Lessons per day

The Intensive Group course is the same as the standard course but with 2 additional lessons each day in a smaller group with no more than 8 students. This not only provides for additional practical conversation instruction, but also more individualized attention from the instruction with the lower student to teacher ratio.

Combined 6 Course

The Combined courses provides you with the best of both worlds. After completing the standard group course with 4 lessons of instruction, you will have two more hours of private instruction. Here you can focus on your individual needs including customized terminology and honing in on any weaknesses to maximize your time with the instructors.

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Private Instruction

For the most customized experience, you can choose from 2-8 lessons of private instruction per day. Given the 1 to 1 teacher ratio, all of the courses focus is on your individual needs including the ability to focus on terminology related to your profession or other field of interest.

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German and Winter Sports 

This program can be arranged during the Winter Months from December to March. It can be combined with any of the German course options. Upon completion of classes transportation will be provided to a ski resort where you can ski or snowboard. Rental equipment is provided onsite based on your preferred sport.

Family Courses

Parents and youths live together in Vienna, take part in German courses and explore the cultural and leisure program during summer.

  • Easy combination of summer courses for youths and courses for parents and other family members in the heart of Vienna!
  • We can arrange accommodation in an Family Apartment, a host family, or a hotel.
  • Included cultural and leisure program in the afternoons and evenings, optional trips and excursions at the weekends.

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French Course Start Dates

Start Dates:

German Language Classes start on any Monday for all levels except Absolute Beginners. Housing arrangements will start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday, with Friday night includes at the end of your program.

Beginners: Jan 4 Feb 1, 29 Apr 4 May 2 Jun 6 Jul 4 Aug 1 Sep 5 Oct 3, 31 Nov 28

The school will be closed for any public holidays with no German courses offered on these select dates.

French Program Accommodation Options

Host Family

The Host family experience offers the best immersion experience as you will be able to practice your German language skills in a natural environment. The host family will also provide a great cultural experience. You an opt for NO meals or one or two meals per day based on your preference. If you opt out of a meal plan you will have access to the kitchen for personal meal prep. You will have your own private room and share the rest of the facilities with the host family. Private bath can be requested, but is subject to availability.

For breakfast only add $60 per week
For breakfast and dinner add $160 per week

There is a high season surcharge of $60 per week from July 3 to Aug 27.

Shared Student Apartments

The Shared Apartment arrangement provides you with a private room in a city flat where you will share the facilities with other students. The kitchen is fully equipped for preparing your own meals. You will also have a television and washer to clean your laundry.

There is a high season surcharge of $60 per week from July 3 to Aug 27.

Student Residence

This is our most popular option and must be booked far in advance to ensure availability. The residence is only 15 minutes from the German language school by public transportation. With the Superior Apartment you will have your own private apartment with private bathroom and Kitchen. The Standard Apartment is a shared option where you will have your own private room and share the rest of the facilities. Bedding is provided for both option as well as an apartment cleaning service.

A U-Bahn stop is close by for a quick commute to school. Each apartment has free WIFI. A breakfast buffet is located at the building for students that opt into this option. You can also have lunch pre-arranged at a restaurant just down the street. Book in advance as space is limited!

For breakfast only add $60 per week
For breakfast and dinner add $160 per week

There is a high season surcharge of $60 per week from July 3 to Aug 27.

Hotel or Apartment Rental

Students can arrange their own hotel or apartment rental. The Belvedere Palace is the perfect point of reference for booking your accommodations close to the school where your German classes will take place.

Complete French Immersion Program Includes

  • Accommodation Booking Service
  • Airport Pickup can be arranged at an added cost (Vienna International Airport)
  • German Course Selection of your choosing
  • Additional Student Services
  • Free WIFI Service
  • Full Activity Program (some small fees for entrance and meals)
  • Excursion program with affordable options
  • Course Materials and Text
  • Student discount card for popular sites and dining
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Access to School Library, Multimedia, and Computer Lab
  • German Language Level Evaluation

French Program Prices

Options1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksEach Extra Week
Group 4 classes with host family, std residence or apartment NO MEALS$535$975$1,415$1,855$440
Group 4 classes with host family, std residence or apartment NO MEALS - HIGH SEASON$590$1,090$1,585$2,085$495
Group 4 classes with superior residence (private) NO MEALS$740$1,385$2,025$2,670$645
Group 4 classes with superior residence (private) NO MEALS - HIGH SEASON$795$1,495$2,195$2,895$700
Group 6 classes with host family, std residence or apartment NO MEALS$675$1,260$1,840$2,425$580
Group 6 classes with host family, std residence or apartment NO MEALS - HIGH SEASON$735$1,370$2,010$2,650$640
Group 6 classes with superior residence (private) NO MEALS$880$1,665$2,450$3,235$785
Group 6 classes with superior residence (private) NO MEALS - HIGH SEASON$935$1,780$2,620$3,465$840
Add breakfast to host family or either residence option (per week)$60
Add breakfast and dinner to host family or either residence option (per week)$160