Italian Language Schools In Florence

Photo By John Marino

Our Florence Italian School is located right in the heart of the city next to the popular Piazza del Duomo. The school consists of 15 well lit classrooms, a break area, audio/video room, and hot spot for free Wifi use. The school was established nearly 40 years ago and is well established as a full immersion Italian language school.

The school has knowledgeable staff and instructors that will be able to not only help you with your Italian language courses, but also in organizing an intensive activity program, so that you can practice your Italian speaking skills in everyday environments as well as learn about Italian culture and get to know other students outside the classroom setting. You will have the opportunity to learn about Italian art, history, cuisine, and everyday life in cuisine. Guided tours are offered to key sites within the city as well as intensive museum tours. You will also have the opportunity to venture outside Siena for half and full day excursions to popular towns and key points of interest. The school offers a full service airport pickup service to multiple close transportation points including the Florence Airport, Railway station, as well as the Pisa Airport.

The Italian school offers a wide range of course options as well as housing with local families in Florence as well as shared apartment options. We will help organize all aspects of courses, housing, as well as arrival transportation prior to your arrival. Our great school combined with the amazing atmosphere provided by the historic city of Florence will make for an amazing Italian immersion experience that is unforgettable.

Italian Course Options

Intensive Italian Course: 4 Lessons per day

Our Intensive Italian course provides four 45-minute lessons per day from Monday to Friday. Our courses focus on conversation with no more than 12 students in a group. You will be tested upon arrival for the best placement with other students at the same level.  Key elements including grammar, vocabulary, and structure will be developed with constant progression.

Super Intensive Small Group Italian Course: 6 Lessons per day

This Italian course is a supplement to the Intensive Course and adds two more hours of practical conversation lessons allowing additional time to utilize your newly found skills in real world scenarios.

Combined Italian Course

For those that one both group and private Italian instruction, a combined course offers you the Intensive Course followed by one or two private lessons per day based on your personal preference. This is a great option to build your general proficiency in the group course, while having private instruction added for focusing on personal weaknesses or for added practice along with the capability to customize the instruction to focus on terminology of a particular field or interest.

Italian and Culture Course (Intermediate Level and Up)

Some students want a more formal introduction to Italian Culture. This course simply provides one hour a day focused on Italian Culture in combination with the Intensive Course. Not only will you learn about Italian History, art, and current events, but you will also have the capability for additional language practice while doing so.

Private Italian Instruction

Some of our students want complete customization for their Italian course or simply have limited time available in Florence. Private instruction will allow you to build your general skill set with the Italian language along with the capability to customize the course to meet your personal requirements.

Florence Art Courses

Our Italian School in Florence offers a variety of Art Courses dedicated to a variety of subjects. Including Art History, Engraving, Fresco Painting, Fine Art, Fashion, Sculpture, Restoration, Leather Working, and Jewelry Making.

Contact us for dates and pricing if one of these subjects is of interest to you!

50+ Italian Language Course & Tours “La Dolce Vita”

Designed for mature students of any age. Learn Italian in a relaxing environment followed by interesting cultural activities and tours. 1 or 2 weeks. Accommodations with host family and 1 meal per day.


  • Winery visits in the “Chianti” region
  • Art history tours
  • Weekend excursion in Tuscany (Pisa or Lucca or Siena)
  • Visit artisan workshops
  • Visit Renaissance villas
  • Etc.

1 week: $855

2 weeks: $1,470

Professional Courses

  • Business
  • Health Care
  • Flight Attendants
  • Fashion
  • And more

Contact us for more info and pricing.

Italian Course Start Dates

Start Dates

Italian Courses start every Monday for all levels except complete beginners. Consult the chart below for Beginner start dates. Housing will begin with a Sunday arrival and will conclude on the Saturday upon the completion of your program.

Beginner Start Dates:  January 4, 18 February 1, 15, 29 March 7, 21 April 4, 18  May 2, 16, 30 June 6, 20 July 4, 18 August 1, 16, 29 September 12, 26 October10, 24 November 7, 21 December 5 

The Italian school will be closed on official holidays as well as from Dec 17, 2016 to Jan 1, 2017.

Italian Program Accommodation Options

Host Family

Host families in Florence will be 15-25 minutes from the school by walking distance or public transportation. You will have your own private room and have the option to choose one or two meals per day. Students share the rest of the facilities with the host family, who provide a great support system for practicing your Italian outside of the classroom. You will be treated as an adult and only the common rules of courtesy apply. We consider this the best means of accommodation for those that want a true full immersion experience.

Shared Student Apartment

Shared student apartments allow you to love with other students or locals while having your own private room and utilize the shared facilities of the apartment. Apartments are anywhere from 15-25 minutes walking distance or by public transportation from the school. You will need to bring your own towel, however all linens and kitchen supplies are provided. This is a great option to prepare your own meals and get to know students and locals when not attending classes.

Hotel or Apartment Rental

You can make your own housing arrangements in a hotel or apartment rental, while we organize your Italian courses. Utilize the Piazza del Duomo as a marking point for arranging this style of housing near the school. There are many options in this popular area of the city.

Complete Italian Immersion Program Includes

  • Accommodation Booking Service
  • Airport Transportation service offered at an additional fee from the Firenze (Florence) Airport
  • Italian Course Selection of your choosing
  • Free WIFI Service
  • Full Activity Program (some small fees for entrance and meals)
  • Extensive Excursion program with affordable options
  • Course Materials
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Italian Language Level Evaluation

Italian Program Prices

Options1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksEach Extra Week
Group 4 classes with shared apt and no meals$545$840$1,195$1,580$360
Group 4 classes with host family and 1 meal$555$870$1,245$1,640$375
Group 4 classes with host family and 2 meals$640$1,050$1,520$2,015$470
Group 6 classes with shared apt and no meals$690$1,095$1,575$2,060$485
Group 6 classes with host family and 1 meal$705$1,120$1,625$2,125$500
Group 6 classes with host family and 2 meals$790$1,305$1,895$2,496$595
Combined 5 classes with shared apt and no meals$775$1,300$1,885$2,475$590
Combined 5 classes with host family and 1 meal$785$1,330$1,935$2,535$605
Combined 5 classes with host family and 2 meals$870$1,510$2,210$2,910$700